“Reportedly ‘World’s Worst Cat’”

To most, working at an animal shelter can be both rewarding and tiring, but a black and white cat based in North Carolina has pushed its recent home to its limits. The cat, named Perdita, is, according to Mitchell County Animal Rescue, “not for the faint of heart.” Posting on Facebook last Wednesday, the shelter offered to give her up for free, but did not make her sound charming nor lovable. The feline arrived at the shelter on Christmas Eve, and apparently, during the following weeks the cat’s actions were criminal enough that the staff marked her as the “World’s Worst Cat.”
The cat who is “just a jerk” loves inflicting scare jumps, loathes kittens and small children, and will “stare into your soul until you feel as though you may never be cheerful again.” Her title as “World’s Worst Cat” comes from Perdita’s habit of modeling and teasing as if to summon a full-body rub, then striking anyone who is bold enough to lay a finger on her. “She’s single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space,” the post concludes, with the motive that the typical $15 adoption fee will be renounced for anyone brave enough to take Perdita home.
With her new-found fame, Perdita is not impressed, as she continues to be her sassy self. “We love this spirited, strong-willed beauty,” Writes the Carolina Rescue. “We have given her privacy and quiet as much as possible. We are carefully considering each of the 50+ applications we have received for her… so many people are passionate about cats like her. We will keep everyone posted…”