Golden Valley Men’s Soccer

The Golden Valley Grizzlies are in 2-3-1 in the league. Coach Ken, the varsity coach, stated, “So our predictions are to be more competitive than we were last year and to win more games, so I do not have an exact number on how many we are going to win more than last year.” When asked how his team prepares for a game he said, “It is about keeping them focus so understanding they have a game to play they have to start checking their minds into what they need to do to perform well.” He defines success as “… our players being responsible for themselves being eligible, showing up to practice working as hard as they can and being a good teammate.”
They began the season against Hart on January 7, 2020, a conference that ended with a loss for the Grizzly boys. Bouncing back from that loss, the Grizzlies beat the Canyon Cowboys 2-1 on January 9th.
January 14 the boys went up against Saugus, an away match, resulting in a 1-1 tie.
January 16 the grizzlies played against Valencia, an away match with 1-0 a loss for the guys.
January 21 a home conference match, the Grizzlies won against WestRanch with a 2-1. The final half of the season started with a home match against Hart resulting in a 2-0 match loss.
The grizzlies play against Canyon an away match at 5:00 on January 28,2020.