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2019-2020 Staff

Christine Langarica

Food Journalist

Hello! My name is Christine Langarica. I’m sixteen years old and in the eleventh grade. I was born in Denver, Colorado and...

Kaylee Toma

Biography Journalist

My name is Kaylee Toma and I am a senior at Golden Valley High School. I have lived in Santa Clarita for as long as I’ve been...

Monica Marzariegos

Reviewer Journalist

My name is Monica Mazariegos, I’m a Junior here at Golden Valley High School. I was born on February 28, 2003, in Van Nuys,...

Cassidy Boehret


In a spacious hospital located at Burbank, California, beside ethnic babies was a pale, curious, and painfully quiet one....

Lamar Masry


My name is Lamar Jay Masry, I am 16 years old and i was born in Los Angeles, California on June 22, 2003. I am American with Lebanese...

Bella Descisciolo


Howdy, my name is Isabella Descisciolo, I prefer to go by Bella though. I am in the 12th grade, way to feel old. I was born in...

Melquicedec Avila-Cruz


The name I was cursed with at birth was Melquicedec “Eli” Avila-Cruz, I’m still cursed with that name as you read. Let me...

Maria Bastian


My name is Maria Jennifer Bastian and I am a senior. I grew up here in Santa Clarita, but I was born in Sylmar. Some of my hobbies...

Feranmi Falodun

Performing Arts Journalist

Hi, my name is Feranmi M. Falodun, a junior and officer for performing arts, slightly grazing other parts of the newspaper, but...

Marian Rivera

News Reporter

Hello! I’m Marian Rivera.I was born in Pachuca, Hidalgo in Mexico on October 15, 2001. I moved to the U.S on October 17, 2003...

Lauren Mendoza

Performing Arts Journalist

Hi, my name is Lauren Mendoza and my life, is kind of crazy. I was born in Burbank, California but grew up in Pasadena. In 2011...

Andrea Espinoza

Sports Journalist

You are probably wondering how I ended up here. I am Andrea Espinoza. I was born and raised in Simi Valley. Raised by my mom and...

Gabrielle Higgs

Performing Arts Journalist

My name is Gabrielle Higgs and I am a sixteen-year-old Junior. I grew up in Santa Clarita, but also spent time, currently as well,...

Kaleb Moffett

Sports Journalist

My name is Kaleb Jordan Moffett and I’m a senior. Out of my two siblings, my brother KJ, and my sister Nicole, I am the youngest....