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Christine Langarica

Christine Langarica, Food Journalist

So you have stumbled upon my autobiography...did you expect some quick-witted response prompting you to stay? How about an introduction? My name is Christine Langarica, class of 2021, unconditionally and irrevocably engrossed with Journalism. I was born in Denver, Colorado and after three years moved to Los Angeles, California. However, my journey to Santa Clarita began in late February of 2019. I take journalism because it's my passion; it allows me to explore my creativity without any limitations. Journalism began for me in junior high school.

As I navigated my transition from childhood to pre-teen years, journalism and literature as a whole was a comforting constant in my ever changing development. To speak candidly, it began with Cassandra Clare and her series "The Mortal Instruments.'' When I reflect on her novels, it's almost like looking back on my childhood; I experienced adventures, gripping plot twists, and forrays in new worlds of imagination.

I've always been enthralled with all aspects of Journalism; my fascination going as far as watching films, movies, reading books about journalistic ethics. I hope to create my own identity, break stigmas, create lifelong methods of interpreting language and analysis.

Journalism is more crucial and prevalent in present-day society. There are several demanding topics to be discussed, although what is factual and what is not often misconstrues issues in modern media.

After I graduate, I plan on attending a four-year institution to pursue a journalism degree in search of my next Cassandra Clare series in which to be completely and utterly consumed.

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Christine Langarica