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Michelle Gonzalez

Michelle Gonzalez, Reporter

My name is Michelle Gonzalez. I am fifteen years old and currently in my sophomore year of highschool. I was born in a small town named Perris,California. I have few recollections of living there but i was still little to remember everything. Soon after living there for a couple of years my family packed up and moved to San Fernando and Sylmar. Where I've spent most of my childhood there up until I moved to Saugus.
Some hobbies I like doing are puzzles, when I'm feeling stressed trying to get my mind off things I start a puzzle. I also like playing many games I find interesting. But most of all I love browsing through the web finding new music, cool videos to watch and trying to find inspiration for different things. I also like playing soccer with my teammates. People always ask what are you going to do after highschool and honestly I don't know. There's so many things out there for career options and I doubt myself on my abilities of doing that job. I've had things in mind like being a veterinarian, a BAU, psychologist, business and or graphic designer. A vet because since I was little I loved trying to help animals. A Behavioral Analysis Unit because they investigate in violent crimes. A psychologist because my cousin showed me how good it is to be able to help people out. Business because I want to be able to know how to make deals and get money. I came across a graphic design major and it looks so cool to get paid to make logos and different things.

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Michelle Gonzalez