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Paloma Fernandez

Paloma Fernandez, Reporter

My name is Paloma Fernandez and I am currently a senior in Golden Valley High School. I am sixteen years old turning seventeen on November 8th. I enjoy going out with my friends and catching up. I have younger sisters with whom I enjoy playing; and I just enjoy being with them overall. I have five siblings all together, two older brothers, one older sister, and two younger sisters resulting in a family of six children.
I am currently taking journalism only because it was chosen for me and there were no other elective classes. But, I do enjoy writing. I like providing the correct information and being informative in any way possible. What I hope to get out of journalism is basically perfecting how I write and being more unbiased. Journalism is important today because everything is biased now. I don’t see many news articles with all the information. Only the information that can feed one crowd and not the whole audience.
After graduating, I plan to go to college and start my journey toward becoming a doctor, more specifically a pediatrician. I have always loved helping others in any way possible. I love human anatomy and learning more about it. With the two things that I love combined, I have contemplated becoming a doctor or a human biologist to just be in the biology field. If I am unable to go to college for some random reason, I will be working nonstop to be financially able to rent an apartment outside of California.

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Paloma Fernandez