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You are probably wondering how I ended up here. I am Andrea Espinoza. I was born and raised in Simi Valley. Raised by my mom and two older sisters who inspire me to work hard, I moved to Santa Clarita the summer before the 8th grade to live with my dad. Ever since then, my life did a whole 360 for the better. I have been super involved in school from being in clubs to ASB. I am currently a senior.

After high school I wish to go to college and become a Marine Biologist graduating from my dream school, Oregon State University. If I do not attend OSU, I want to attend UC Santa Barbara. Then I want to begin my family with someone I love while living the life I have dreamed about for the past four years while not having any worries.

I enjoy talking, listening to music, stressing over school, and baking cookies for my friends. If I could do anything I want, I would travel the whole world with someone who makes me feel complete. My friends have helped me become the person I am today by accepting me and helping me reach my full potential.

Andrea Espinoza, Sports Journalist

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Andrea Espinoza