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Feranmi Falodun
Hello, my name is Feranmi Falodun, I am a senior here. I’m most likely going to be writing under the performing arts section, but I may casually drift towards other places as well. I was born in Montreal, Canada, but I actually moved to Nigeria at a young age and stayed there for around three years. I then moved to Santa Clarita,California and mainly grew up here where I have met many friends and acquaintances.

I joined journalism because I wanted to practice my writing skills where I can talk of current events happening around the school. I also think it’s nice knowing what’s happening around the school, and being in journalism makes it much easier to do so.

The reason why I like writing is weird to explain because I never have a concrete answer to that question, but for the most part I do it for other people, but at the same time I’m still doing it for me because I just enjoy writing them. I’m thinking about majoring in television writing or architecture, or if I get the opportunity to double major, I will most likely do both to help me acquire the information I need and the knowledge I need for my future plans.

Even though I do have a love for writing, I found myself having talents and likes outside of that region. I like baking, drawing, traveling, and picture taking, all of which makes me feel happy inside :)

Feranmi Falodun, Performing Arts Journalist

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Feranmi Falodun