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Katelyn Benitez Martinez
My name is Katelyn Benitez Martinez, I am currently a senior in high school. I’m in journalism this year because I wanted to try something new. Journalism always seemed interesting and cool to me. What I hope to get out of journalism is a new perspective on the world of writing. Another hope of mine is to gain new experiences and new skills from this class. Journalism will forever and always be relevant in this ever-changing world. Journalists keep readers informed about their community, society, and government.
I’ll be graduating with the wonderful class of 2021 and I will attend college after high school. In my plan, I will join the nursing program to start my profession as a Registered Nurse. I’ve always wanted to be part of the medical field and becoming an RN is my dream. I hope to be the nurse that can brighten up a patient’s day and make them feel at home. Those are my plans and hopes for my future!

Katelyn Benitez Martinez, Reporter

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Katelyn Benitez Martinez