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Maya Morales
Welcome to Golden Valley High School’s Newspaper, The Grizzly Growler! My name is Maya Morales. I am a senior at Golden Valley in Santa Clarita, obviously. But I didn’t always live here. I was born in raised in the San Fernando Valley until the age of 8 when my parents decided they wanted to move to a bigger house in a different valley...Santa Clarita Valley. I’ve been living here ever since the age of 9. Quite honestly, I hated the idea of moving areas and schools when I was younger. When we finally moved and I started my new school I grew fond of the area and the kids here. I planned to keep playing soccer when I moved so I immediately started searching for a program out here to play in. Once I found one I continued playing into my high school years. Throughout that time I developed more hobbies such as writing, painting and going outside with friends. These elements have led me to deciding pretty early on in my high school career about what I want to do. After high school I would like to study Journalism. I want to write stories about what happens in the world. Journalism became a passion of mine in my first year of high school due to the fact I loved writing and wanted to write what was going on around me. Which why I am where I am today, sitting in a class full of other students that have a similar passion to mine working hard to get Grizzlies the news about their school and community.

Maya Morales

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Maya Morales